Meet Jane’s Army

Personal PAC, Men4Choice, Future Voices Council, and G-PAC are launching Jane’s Army – a joint campaign to recruit activist volunteers to educate, motivate, and activate pro-choice voters ahead of the critical 2022 election. This volunteer army will be deployed on the ground in targeted races across Illinois to hold extremist anti-choice candidates and politicians accountable for their radical agenda. 

And we need you to help in the fight against anti-choice extremism in Illinois!

Upcoming Events


Sunday, October 2nd • 10 AM

Knock doors for pro-choice heroes, Rep. Janet Yang Rohr & Sen. Laura Ellman, and Illinois Supreme Court candidate, Judge Mary Kay O’Brien

24W500 Maple Ave, Suite 215, Naperville

The threat

The Threat We Face In 2022

Over the last 40 years, the radical anti-choice movement has pursued a single goal: Overturn Roe v. Wade and ban abortion in every state, including Illinois. And with their Trump-appointed Supreme Court, Roe has fallen. And now, they’re wasting no time with their efforts to outlaw abortion state by state.

Without Roe v. Wade, millions of women and people who can get pregnant are now without access to abortion care in their home states. Too many people are now forced to travel hundreds, if not thousands, of miles to access a basic form of health care – and too many will not have the means to do so.

And we need you to help in the fight against anti-choice extremism in Illinois!

  • In the Illinois Supreme Court, anti-choice extremists are just one seat away from controlling the seven-member court in the same way they now control the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • If we allow them to gain the majority in the 2022 Illinois elections, they could immediately erase all the protections and rights that advocates like you have worked so hard to ensure. And we, too, will be living in a world without Roe.
  • Since Illinois is currently the only state in the Midwest with laws that explicitly protect abortion, people between the two coasts will have no place to turn for their reproductive healthcare if we don’t succeed in the 2022 Illinois elections.
  • For the sake of everyone in Illinois and across the Midwest, we must do everything imaginable to prevent this from happening!
  • This election will have consequences for the next fifty years and has unleashed anti-choice challengers for Governor, the Illinois General Assembly, and Illinois Supreme Court.
  • We cannot emphasize how profoundly important this particular election will be for the future of reproductive freedom in the Midwest.
  • Every seat is up for reelection which only happens once every ten years. 
  • The two Illinois Supreme Court races will either threaten or affirm all of the progress the pro-choice movement has made over the past few decades, and the 2022 election will determine the fate of legal abortion in the post-Roe era for generations to come.
  • Your participation is essential for us to fight these attacks and ensure victories where they will make a difference… at the ballot box in 2022!


How We Fight Back With Jane’s Army

Jane’s Army is building an army of partner organizations, activists, and volunteers just like you to educate, motivate, and mobilize fellow pro-choice voters ahead of November 2022. Our army will take the pro-choice message personally to the doors, streets, and phones of voters across Illinois. 

With our proven winning strategy, you can join us in strategic campaigns across Illinois to hold anti-choice candidates and politicians accountable for their radical agenda. We’ll be hosting virtual and in-person events, taking to social media, textbanking, phonebanking, canvassing, and more. 

With Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court determined to destroy the 50 year precedent that abortion should be a private decision, as well as protecting the most commonly used forms of birth control, the time to act is right now! 

With your help we can fight back, and win, in Illinois.

THE Solution

Take The Pledge!

While the anti-choice U.S. Supreme Court eviscerates the future of legal abortion, access is also being destroyed in states across the country. But we can fight back, and win, here in Illinois.

Your help is critical in this war against anti-choice extremism in Illinois! Will you pledge to support a #ProChoice2022?

Save the Date!

Wednesday, May 4, 2022
5:30 – 7:30 PM

The Hideout

Join us for our first in-person event!
Come for drinks, snacks, guest speakers, and to socialize with other pro-choice advocates.

Stay tuned for coming events & volunteer opportunities!

Past Events

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Campaign Leaders & Organizational Partners

Future Voices Council brings together young people who are committed to protecting reproductive rights and electing pro-choice candidates in Illinois. Council members believe that everyone in Illinois should have access to abortion and birth control, and are active in supporting candidates who share that belief. Our 2022 campaign leaders are Hannah Fierle and Chloe Sacks, Co-Chairs of Future Voices Council.

Men4Choice works to unconditionally support the women and impacted individuals leading this movement by activating, educating, and mobilizing male allies into the fight to protect and expand reproductive freedom. Our 2022 campaign leaders are Oren Jacobson and Ben Head, co-founders of Men4Choice. 

Personal PAC is a nonpartisan political action committee dedicated to protecting and advancing reproductive rights for all by recruiting, electing, and holding accountable pro-choice candidates to state and local office in Illinois. Our 2022 campaign leader is Grace Barter, Campaign & Events Organizer at Personal PAC. 

Jane’s Army is proud to work with several incredible organizations across the state. If you’d like to join the fight, please get in touch

Chicago NOW
Friends Who March
Hope Clinic for Women

Illinois Handmaids
McHenry County Citizens for Choice
She Votes Illinois
Tenth Congressional District Democrats (Tenth Dems)
Whole Woman’s Health Alliance
Young Democrats of Illinois

And more!

The Original Jane Collective

Jane’s Army pays tribute to the original Jane Collective, a group of women who banded together in Chicago to provide access to reproductive health care from 1969-1973 when dangerous abortion bans were still in place during the pre-Roe era. 

The time has changed, but the fight hasn’t. We need a new generation to step up in Illinois and carry on Jane’s fight to protect abortion rights in the post-Roe era we are facing now.

Check out these links for more resources about the historic Jane Collective!


Donate today to help protect Illinois from anti-choice extremism!